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                Learning through Exercism is quite different to other programming websites, with a focus on individual practice and mentor-based learning. Here's how it works.

                1. Choose a language to master

                Object oriented, functional, popular, emerging, or just plain obscure. With 51 different languages to explore, Exercism has something for you!

                2. Complete a coding challenge on your computer

                All the coding happens on your machine in an environment you're familiar with. Download the template, solve the problem, and then upload your solution.

                3. Upload your solution and review it with a mentor

                Discussing code is one of the best ways to learn. Our friendly mentors will comment on your solutions online, introducing you to new ideas and techniques.


                Our tracks have between 40 and 100 exercise each - some are fun, some are tricky, some are weird, but all will teach you something new.

                5. Complete the language track and achieve fluency

                At the end of your language track you will have mastered the core concepts and idioms of your language and be ready to use it in the real world.

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